Safety and Protecting the Environment are Top of Mind

NGF takes our safety responsibility very seriously, both the safety of our employees as well as of our customers. NGF is an ISNetworld and DOT program member. NGF has authorized OSHA 500 corporate trainers on staff. NGF maintains an on-site safety representative and conducts daily tool-box safety meeting with JSA forms recorded daily.

We provide all documentation and testing required to meet PSM and DOT requirements. We pride ourselves in providing quality work and delivering a final product that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

In any construction project, whether it involves plant maintenance, plant expansions and remodels, plant decommissioning or renovations or facility construction, safety and protecting the environment are our core values.
NGF Construction staff includes an OSHA certified construction trainer (OSHA 500 card), an OSHA certified SSH in Oil and Gas and PEC Safeland trainers. NGF Construction believes that OSHA regulations are a minimum standard and we continually strive to achieve safety standards that are benchmarks for the industry.

NGF Construction is a member of ISNetworld which helps make our safety policies and procedures transparent to all interested parties.
In addition, NGF Construction has achieved OQ compliance through both Veriforce and EWN evaluation procedures.
At the center of our safety agenda is the daily Job Safety Assessments (JSA), tool-box safety talks, and H2S training among other tasks. Our daily goal is to educate and train our employees so that they return home in the same condition as when they began their work day.

NGF Construction maintains OSHA and DOT compliance on every project. We have established the OSHA recommended Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) into our procedures.

Please contact us for our current certifications.