Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Services

NGF Construction is a premier provider of specialty electrical & instrumentation (E&I) services for all process industries, with an emphasis in oil and gas. Our E&I division’s goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and quality, while focusing on safety and efficient completion of each project.


  • Instrument Installation and Procurement
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Loop Check
  • Start Up Assistance
  • Control Panel, DCS/PLC Installation and Testing
  • Heat Tracing Panels and Sensors
  • Tubing Installation and Testing
  • Gas Analyzer Installation, Maintenanceand Testing


  • High Voltage Wiring Installation and Testing
  • Low Voltage Wiring Installation and Testing
  • Raceway Installation (Cable Tray and Conduit)
  • Power, Controls, Grounding, Lighting
  • Electrical Equipment Installation
    • MCCs
    • Switchgear
    • Transformers
    • Lighting Panels
    • Lightning Protection


  • Communication Cable Termination and Testing
  • CCTV and Integrated Security Surveillance
  • Remote Telecommunications
  • Communication Networks
  • SCADA and Remote Communication and Automation
  • Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA)


  • Engineering and Pre-Construction Assistance and Support
  • PSSR/PSM Documentation Development and Management
  • Field Red Line Control and Turnover

Safety Services

  • Fire and Gas Detection and Suppression
  • Emergency Management Warning and Notification Systems
  • Plant Paging and Alarm Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • Plant Ground Grid Compliance Testing